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Confidential Materials

Studies show the amount of confidential data casually disposed of is staggering. In many cases, over 50% of a company’s paper/material waste (excluding general/food waste) can be considered confidential.

During many security audits we discover sensitive and proprietary documents in plain view. This typically happens when employees do not have strong direction, a company has no set security guidelines or there is not an adequate program in place to capture and dispose of such material.

Overlooked Confidential and Sensitive Material►

  • Floppies, CDs
  • Business cards
  • Payroll records
  • Legal documents
  • Financial records
  • Cancelled checks
  • Maps and blueprints
  • Invoices and Price lists
  • New product proposals
  • Misprinted forms/Drafts
  • Email/Computer printouts
  • Outdated business records
  • Post Its and internal memos
  • Client lists with contact info
  • Account records and ledgers
  • Faxes, phone messages, notes
  • Dated patient/medical records
  • Other desirable/competitive data

 FRG Waste Resources, Inc. can assess your company’s needs and work with you to develop an appropriate program and service level to remove and dispose of these and other company materials properly.

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