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Introducing Glasdon Recycling Bins..

Combining aesthetic appeal, smart, small footprints, and easy servicing, Glasdon, a premier manufacturer of recycling and waste bins, introduces the Nexus family of indoor and outdoor recycling bins. FRG Waste Resources (FRG), in keeping with its goal to provide the best recycling solutions for commercial and industrial facilities, is the California distributor for the Glasdon products.  

The Nexus bins are the ideal recycling system for commercial facilities such as offices, shopping malls, retail stores, outdoor shopping areas and entertainment venues. Available for commingled (single stream) recycling or for separate recycling streams, e.g., paper, cans, bottles, beverage cups, etc., the Nexus bins can be configured to meet the specific recycling goals for nearly any business.  Incorporating attractively sleek modern design and available with a variety of colored tops and logos, Glasdon has created the first truly visually appealing recycling and waste bins: products that enhance their surroundings.  All Nexus bins can be personalized with the owner’s name and/or logo.  Constructed of Duratec (interior bins) and Durapol (exterior bins) plastics, the Nexus bins are durable and easy to clean.  These bins are designed with small footprints to minimize their impact in high-traffic areas, and they are serviced easily and quickly.

The Nexus family includes a unique model worthy of additional attention: the Nexus Cup Collector.  The Cup Collector enables the collection of used beverage cups.  Volume requirements are minimized because the cups are efficiently stacked as they are placed in the Cup Collector.  Furthermore, the Cup Collector includes an integral reservoir so that unconsumed beverages can be emptied before the cups are placed in the unit.


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